Tips to Master the Smart Casual Style of Dressing

These are probably the most dreaded words in the world of fashion. First, that is because the phrase “smart casual” has no definite true meaning. The Merriam-Webster dictionary has no definition for the phrase.

The Oxford dictionary defines it as, “(of clothes) neat, conventional, yet relatively informal in style, especially as worn to conform to a particular dress code.”

smart casual

Tips to Master the Smart Casual Style

The phrase is generally thought to be an outfit one can wear either to work, to school, to dates, or anywhere else, but not look out of place, and still look stylish.

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Outfit and Shoes

Mix a smooth outfit with a rough outfit

The texture of an outfit is one of the major factors that affect smartness or casualness. Most of the formal wear is smooth and shiny.

Going for a matte flannel instead of worsted wool will actually and metaphorically give the outfit a rough look. It goes on to make the garment look larger in size adding to the casual look overlooking the notion that smarter looks are sleek and usually streamlined.

Get the right shoes

While previously trainers were prohibited in casual looks, a typically classic and stylish trainer is permitted. The darker the color, the smarter because the kicks will be less catchy to the eyes, disapproving glances, and not showing dirt.

Dark knitted trainers can be perfect especially with shiny, smooth leather and optionally suede somewhere, but not on all occasions since they may be too modern, and if too stylish and colorful, they might step too far from proper kicks. Leather sandals could be a sparingly used alternative, handy depending on the occasion.

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Play with Colour

Add some shade to the outfit

Darker coloured outfits skew more formal. To smarten up can quickly be darkening up the gear a little more. A navy blue jacket and Indigo pants feel and look more stylish as compared to a Green jacket and stonewashed jeans coupled up with both white a t-shirt and sneakers or trainers. Generally lightening up dims overall smartness. The overall effect of turning down the lights is quite conspicuous even in the same set of outfits.

Change your mood

Smart casual is enhanced more by the attitude than it is by a perfect combination of outfits or a set formula. A Pristine t-shirt, indigo pants, and clean sneakers will look more stylish and elegant than a wrinkled t-shirt, stained pants, and scuffed sneakers.

In short, smartness is more about the appearance of the combination of outfits, with shy respect to the colour, rather than the ideal style. Polished, pressed and clean costumes are more stylish than old, stained and wrinkled dresses-ups.

Mix and Match

Include some Knitwear

A nice fitting jumper can be perfect for an exquisite smart casual look. When it comes to jumpers in most cases of smart casual dressing, less is more. A plain well-fitting jumper or a simple one with fewer patterns, over a collared shirt or a polo t-shirt, is better than a colourful one with multiple patterns.

A crew neck, slim-fitting knitted jumper tends to compliment the look with a perfect blend. A baggy knitted jumper is, prohibited in casual wear. Well, for smart casual wear but doesn’t mean it’s a crime anyway.

Choose the right Pants

Trousers, jeans, denim or khaki, is always a debate when it comes to the bottom half. Options are in plenty with the consideration that what is worn in the lower body might be the essential element of the entire attire because they set the tone and colour of the rest of the dressing. The main impression here is to make sure the pants that are worn are well-fitting, with no rips or stains, and always remember that the darker the colour, the more it suits the style better.

Dark, perfect fitting slim pants will readily complement a casual well-fitting shirt, so long as they are simple, without spray paints or being rugged. Low rise jeans are perfect for smart casual wear though not for office casual wear.

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A blazer and a jacket

For a top look smart casual attire, a final touch is an option between a stylish jacket and a blazer. This is elective and depends on the style of the attire, the climate and sometimes the attitude of the person. A casual textured wool or tweed blazer could prove to be a perfect final touch of the attire.

Optional accessories

A stylish party and beauty accessory that could perfectly blend in with the attire without complicating the look would be essential. A smart and classic custom made watch with options of leather or rubber straps, or an analogue or digital watch would be ideal. A belt either woven or leather, a hat of any style and type would suit a smart casual attire. The essential consideration here is the more simple the accessory, the better, to avoid compromising the attire with mixed looks.