The Everlasting Relationship of a Balanced Diet and a Healthy Life

It’s a common observation that as winter bids goodbye and summer spreads open the edges of the day, people shift towards exercising and healthier eating habits in an attempt to gain the perfect summer body.

Consequently healthy and balanced diets have become more commonly-associated with the maintenance of an appealing physique.

Over the years, scientists have researched and found evidence that a balanced diet doesn’t simply improve a person’s physique, but it also provides various other physical and mental health benefits. Many individuals question exactly these benefits, asking themselves how essential is a balanced regime for one’s overall health?

Contribution to a Better Physical Health

A varied and balanced diet in proportionate amounts has been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease. As well as reducing the possibility of a heart attack, there’s also evidence it reduces instances of stomach and esophageal cancer.

Foods high in vitamin C also eliminates the risk of Esophageal Cancer to some extent, whilst foods containing fibres can reduce the chances of heart diseases, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Vitamins and minerals regularly taken in through a balanced diet boost immunity and encourage healthy development. Foods with lower levels of saturated fat help in avoiding type 2 diabetes.

A diverse and healthy diet can help in avoiding high blood pressure and cholesterol, whilst paying attention to particular nutrients, such as the rich source of calcium found in green leafy vegetables such as Spinach can help in the protection of teeth and bones. They can also prevent the onset of bone degeneration and osteoporosis in later life.

An important study conducted in earlier this year revealed that the consumption of a diet containing high levels of fibre and lean proteins reduces weight without the need for counting calories. Fibre consumption is also associated with a reduced risk of liver cancer.

Parents should note that children often pick up their parents’ eating habits, researches have discovered that children are less likely to suffer the repercussions from poor diets later in life, if offered healthy diets during their childhood.

Toward Better Mental Health

In recent years, researchers have found that a person’s mood has a close relationship with their diet. Studies have concluded that symptoms of fatigue and depression increase, as a result of high sugar consumption. Interestingly, a healthy diet can provide a positive “mood boost”, showing that it can prove to be a rescuer when depression attacks.

An adequate consumption of foods high in vitamins D, C and E also contribute to increasing a person’s learning ability earlier in life. Moreover, dementia and cognitive decline can be avoided in a person’s advanced years.

Beauty Benefits of a Healthy Food

The beauty benefits of a balanced diet are astonishing, leading to more naturally-moisturized skin predominantly coming from good hydration. Long term, this serves as a protective shield against cell damage and may keep the wrinkles away that little bit longer.

The calcium component of a balanced diet not only enhances a person’s smile but also eliminates bad breath, which in turn has a positive knock-on effect on a person’s ability to socialize.

Finally it’s worth noting that a healthy and a balanced diet can enhance energy levels, longevity and appearance. Perhaps the wise words of motivational speaker Jim Rohn who advised: “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live” should be kept in mind!