When getting ready to party, make sure you are aware of the dress code or theme, in order to avoid the all too common faux pas, of wearing the wrong outfit to the wrong event. The golden rule if you’re unsure is to ask, it only takes a few moments to ask and can make the difference between standing out for the right or wrong reason.

what-to-wear-in-thailand-beach-swim-2The main thing to keep in mind is to keep your creative streak within the confines of the dress code. You may not like it or prefer another different dress code for the event but doing so is bad etiquette. Rather, stay within the dress specification and be creative within it, remember as a guest it is only polite to obey the dress code.

Dress codes, in general, can be very confusing this is so mainly for two reasons. Firstly, most people are used to very limited dress attire. As a society, we’ve inherited the many different dress styles and terms but very few people are well acquainted with them in today’s times. Secondly, the terms themselves are very vague leaving much to the imagination.

Some of the more common and well known dress codes out there include; black-tie, smart-casual, cocktail and casual.

Keep in mind the location of the party. Is it at someone’s house or is it at a venue? Often the venue website will give a good idea of how formal or casual the party dress will be. At the end of the day, a dress code can be seen as a point along the continuum of casual to formal. Use common sense, ask, and take your cue from what your hosts or other party goers are doing.

In another article, the various dress codes that you most likely come across will be broken down. It is generally easier for men to get the right outfit as men’s styles and attire have far less variety, whereas women’s clothing is far more varied.