Girls Night Out Clothes

The internet is flooded with online trendy dress shops and chic designer outlets, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of choice available when picking clothes for girls night out. We want to update our wardrobe choices with the latest fashion, but somehow always keep to the same dressing style. Where is everything going wrong? But there is a lot that can go right!

Changing your entire wardrobe at once is near impossible, that is why you do a trial run to see what the current girls’ night out dress code is.

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How to Make Your Girls Night Out Clothes Pop!

Spending social time with your girlfriends is the best way to top up your fashion sense with girls night out clothes. You are with your favourite girls who compliment you, and you can mix-and-match styles and colours. No judgments. So, how can you score 10 out of 10 on your girls night out clothes?

What is your party style?

Red and Heels Elevate Even Cheap Night Out Clothes

Honestly, red is not everyone’s colour. If you prefer staying out of the spotlight, you might be an introvert and should avoid any type of red if possible. It does not matter how cheap your clothing is, a spot of red does magic to a lady’s night outfit. However, avoid bright red skirts and red pants, especially if you have curves.

Girls and heels have a love-hate relationship. We hate how high heels bruise and cut through our skin, but we can never abandon them. Can you imagine tossing a new pair of Bottega Veneta heels into the trash? That’s a nightmare. However, you also should not let the shoes sit on the rack for long or you will grow out of taste. Girls night out is the perfect opportunity to try them out. Heels are your night outing best friend, especially when you want awesome Instagram pictures at a fancy restaurant looking classy and tall.

Hanged on heel.
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How to Pull the Pantyhose Trick

Not everyone enjoys wearing pantyhose, but they can be comfortable, especially for girls night out. While jeans are a common choice, the material is a bit too thick for a fun day out. Plus, jeans may not be comfortable, this is where the pantyhose steals the show.

However, pulling the pantyhose look can be tricky. It may come out as too revealing if you do not suit it appropriately. Many avoid the pantyhose because it either under-highlights or over-highlights a figure. But you can pair it with a slightly flared dress and ankle boots or a mini bodycon skirt, so the lower body attains the perfect recognition amount.

Makeup and Accessories for Your Night Out Outfit

Makeup is a critical component of any girl’s attire. Even something as simple as lip gloss or eyeliner will do the trick. If heavy makeup is part of your everyday routine, you can tone it down for the girls night out. This helps offer you a fresh look. However, if you are over 40 and need to cover up wrinkles, it is advisable to choose a look that is as natural as possible.

Use accessories to complete any style. Whether it is a cocktail gathering, evening party, or even the occasional girls’ night out, you can wear accessories that fit your outfit. If your girls night out clothes are not highlighting as much as you want, give accessories more prominence. Some of these include a watch, a bracelet, and even a matching clutch. However, make sure you do not over-complicate your look and don’t wear all your valuables. At party and beauty, we have an excellent array of earrings to glam up your outfit and highlight your face.

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