Festival Girls looking lovely

Festivals and Fancy Dress: Part 1

Celebrities in Boots at Festivals

Most of us have been there, we’ve been planning to go to a music and arts festival with a group of our besties for an age. The tickets are all bought and payed for, we’ve arraigned all our transport and worked out where and when we’ll be meeting up with everyone. We’ve even talked, in depth, about all the amazing things we’re going to see and do when we arrive BUT, suddenly, it’s time to pack, and, we don’t know where to start!

Well, here we are to help!

Prac-fabulous Festival Footwear

When going to a festival it’s important to try and get a good balance between practical and gorgeous. High heels are generally a big no-no, as the sheer impracticality of being on your feet all day in them, on unsteady ground, in all kinds of weather, means that you are almost guaranteed to regret even bringing them, let alone wearing them!

From our many years of collective festival adventuring experience, we’ve found that the best, most useful foot wear combination is a good pair of flat and securable, summer sandals and a solid, but fashionable, pair of boots.

Gladiator Style Sandals


What to look for in a good pair of festival friendly sandals:

When picking a pair of sandals to wear at a festival you need to take several things in to account.

  1. DurabilityAre they going to be strong enough to last? It’s important to remember that you’ll be doing a lot more walking, lots of dancing and generally being on your feet than usual, so don’t skimp on your sandals. They need to be well made enough to do a lot of work!
  2. Comfort and wear abilityAre they comfortable and do they fit securely to your feet? The last thing you want to be doing at a festival is worrying about blisters – Trust us on this one! In order for a pair of sandals to give you what you need, you need to ensure that they fit securely but are not tight and that they have a decent level of support. If they are slip-on’s then dancing becomes a lot less fun as they are, in their very nature, also slip-off’s and you will end up battling to keep them on instead of being able to let loose and dance with the free abandon, which festivals call for, and which you deserve to experience. So, we recommend that you buy sandals which properly attach and fasten up around the whole foot.
  3. Fashion – Though this is not a priority to everyone, we do understand that whilst at a festival you want to look and feel special. Picking a pair of sandals which convey your own unique sense of style and flatter your feet and the line of your legs, and that also go with the clothes which you choose to bring, can make a world of difference in building your sense of self-esteem.



What to look for in a good pair of festival friendly boots and why they are an important addition to your festival survival kit:

When picking a pair of boots to wear at a festival you need to take several more elements in to account.

  1. Durability Again here, are your chosen boots going to be strong enough to go the distance? Bear in mind here, that there is a good chance that you will encounter extremes in temperature and all sorts of weather conditions, as well as the heavy use caused by full nights of dancing, whilst in the outdoors at a festival.
  2. Comfort and wear ability Are they comfortable? Do they allow your feet to breath? Will they keep you dry if the weather turns nasty? Will they survive rivers of mud if they need too? Have they got good, internal support, so that you CAN dance all night without hurting your precious feet? Will they keep your feet and lower limbs warm when the temperature drops at night?
  3. Fashion Do they look good? Strangely here, when it comes to boots, we feel that this question can be a little more important, purely for the reason that they ARE such an essential part of your festival survival kit. You will turn to them when you are tired or when your feet are aching due to increased use. You will turn to them when you are cold. If it becomes wet then you WILL need them to turn to! You will also turn to them at those moments when you feel a little more vulnerable and want to have a good solid base to walk upon. If you avoid wearing them – because you don’t feel that they look good – then you run a much higher risk of damaging your precious feet! If you damage your feet and again, we speak from experience here, then your whole festival will be ruined! So, pick a pair which ticks all the boxes but make sure that you actually like them too!


We can’t dictate what your style is, or, what it should be. Style is a personal thing and we should all be encouraged to be creative and individual in our choices so that we learn how to best showcase our own personalities. We do hope though, that we have helped to inform you of what elements are required, when it comes to making choices about Festival Footwear.

Keep an eye out for Part 2 in this series and happy festivaling until then!