Beautify Your Bingo Girls Night Out!

Girls Bingo

Here’s the scenario, you and your girlie mates have been looking for a good night out but you’re all a bit tired of always doing the same old thing. You’ve either, been to all the clubs in your area and found them lacking, or, you just don’t like clubbing and crave a more social arena for you and your friends. So, you’ve arrived at the great idea of going out to play bingo together but you don’t have the foggiest of ideas about what to wear!

Well, here we are to help give you a few pointers!


In terms of footwear – the foundations of any good stand out outfit – we recommend that you follow your own head!

We know to the untrained eye that may seem like a bit of a cop out but really, what footwear you choose will depend on not only your own personal preferences but also on things like the weather, your means of transportation and what, if anything, you have planned for after your bingo adventure has come to a close.

Make sure that the ones you select are clean, tidy and in good condition and, if you choose to ware high-heels, we recommend that you pick heels in which jumping excitedly up and down whilst shouting ‘‘HOUSE!!’’ is possible and not too likely to cause you long term damage. Other than that the world is your oyster!


Again taking into account personal preference, plans (both travel and otherwise) and climate you have a great deal to choose from when planning a night out at the Bingo.

Trousers or skirts

Nice Red Midi Skirt

A good, well designed pair of jeans is always a great option here, as you can easily tone them down for a bus ride home, or dress them up with the right accessories and create a look that’s young, fresh and fashionable for a night out or after party adventure.

When it comes to skirts we advise that you stick with the good old ‘middy’ or mid lengths, as the excitement of winning, in a middy, won’t lead to you falling over the end of your favourite maxi skirt or to the embarrassment of the whole Bingo club catching an eye full when you go to pick up your prize!


When choosing a top we advise you to consider that any good Bingo club will also have a decent AC in operation. So the chances are that the atmosphere will be slightly on the cooler side. As such it is probably wise to wear a top which at least covers your shoulders. If you feel like this will be to constricting for you then there are ways around this issue, such as wearing a shawl or pashmina. We will cover those in ‘’Accessories’’ below. You will also want to choose something which allows you to properly and comfortably move your arms so as not to inhibit your enjoyment or your ability to play the game. Also bear in mind that if you have any inhibitions about your stomach being on show then, for your own peace of mind, you should opt for a top which won’t rise up when you raise your arms.

Dresses or jumpsuits


Dresses, again of mid length, are great but what we really recommend for this particular excursion, are the highly ‘on trend’ Jumpsuits or Playsuits. These truly are a marvellous invention! After all, what other garment on the market allows you to feel fashionable, confident and sexy, whilst also being as comfortable as wearing your pjs? They allow for a full range of movement and you won’t risk flashing or tripping. There are myriad wonderful kinds to choose between too, including some beautiful plus size options, allowing you to find one to suit your own style and to flatter your shape and size perfectly.


Accessories are the glue which holds an outfit together. So, it’s important to choose pieces which represent you and your own personality and style AND which work to tie up all the loose ends of your ensemble and help create that finished look.


The right or wrong jewellery can make or break an outfit so look for pieces which complement each other and the clothes which you are wearing.

If your clothes are very showy or colourful then you may wish to keep it relatively simple and classy with your jewellery in order to help keep a bit more balance in your look and not dazzle too much.

Whereas if you’re outfit is more on the simple and elegant side then you can afford to ad pizazz with some more bold statement pieces.

Scarfs, Shawls and Pashminas

These are a great way to jazz up an outfit! They can add a splash of colour, help to create line where there isn’t any and can cover up lumps and bumps which we don’t want on show. They are also very useful, as mentioned above, when it comes to temperature management, as you can easily use a nice well-coordinated shawl or pashmina to wrap up in and still look super classy and feminine.



When it comes to choosing the right bag, every woman has very different needs. For playing Bingo you may wish to consider bringing a bag with enough extra room to carry your pen/stamper and cards or your electronic device depending on what you prefer to use when playing. You will also want room for your usual essentials, purse, keys, make-up and reading glasses if you need them to read your cards or device screen whilst playing.

Branded accessories

Lots of people today like to wear clothes and accessories by particular brands. Some find them fun, some like what they’re trying to say – they like ‘The Message’ which they are trying to promote – others like to make a particular statement about wealth or status.

Some Bingo clubs even sell their own merchandise, including their own branded items i.e. Items which carry the logo of the Bingo provider. Some of these logos are really quite cool and certain items which carry them may well make, either great mementoes of an ace time you’ve had or a great little gift for a friend or family member who you’ve played with or who is a Bingo enthusiast.

We’re particularly fond of the logos on some websites like this site for example, which has kept it simple but still pretty and nicely stylised. This particular site is also a good place to visit if, after your fantastic Bingo night out, you decide that you’d like to try out having a Bingo night in and want to play online.

However you decide to proceed we wish you every luck and hope you thoroughly enjoy your well dressed Bingo night out adventure!